Isn’t it fabulous to just chill at the beach all day and do nothing? Our hectic lifestyle, though, is keeping us away from this fantasy. We then space out anywhere at any time to compromise. Halfway through a meeting, a lecture, a bus journey, a meal, a party, a nap, a……

Sealish secretly pops up throughout the world whenever and wherever you space out! Sealish thinks itself is a seal (erm… actually it is a mystery creature ^^) and does nothing all day long.

If you constantly space out like me, you definitely need a Sealish icon!

Welcome to Space Out!

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Space Out Sealish Collection

Space Out Sealish is the first NFTs collection of the Space Out Station. The collection consists of 10,000 unique randomly assembled Sealish NFTs on the ETH blockchain. Each Sealish has a distinct combination of accessory, outfit, skin, and facial expression. A few special edition Sealish are hidden in this 10,000 Sealish collection, waiting for you to spot. Possession comprises initiation to the Space Out world and trading rights to your Space Out Sealish.


1. Connect your MetaMask wallet
2. Select Quantity (Maximum 10)
3. Mint ({{mintPrice}} ETH each)
Connected as {{account}}
Status: {{numberOfTokensMinted}} / {{totalTokens}}


Day in and day out, we work our butts off. Poor mental health, we have neglected it for soooooo long. It’s time to take the first step to reshape our lifestyle and give our brains a second chance to live up to its best life! We believe in the importance of stepping out and recharging from time to time, and hoping to create a Space Out community to chill and relax.


Normal color: Grey, but it varies with mood.
Size: 8.9cm by 15.8cm usually (bulges when it’s hot; shrinks when it’s cold)
Body temperature: 32F
Habits: Doing nothing
Sealish mostly remains a Sealish shape cuz it thinks itself is a seal And because it thinks itself is a seal, it howls like a seal as well!




How can I get a Sealish?
You can purchase Space Out Sealish on our website during an initial sale. After you purchase, a randomly generated Sealish will be minted on the blockchain and sent to OpenSea and your wallet.
Ready some Ethereum (ETH) at your Metamask wallet, connect your wallet to our website. Click “Mint” on our website and approve the transaction on Metamask.
How much does a Sealish cost?
Each Sealish costs {{mintPrice}} ETH (no bonding curve).
When does Space Out Sealish launch?
We will announce the date and time on Twitter and Discord. Follow us on Twitter, join us on Discord, and stay tuned!
How rare is Space Out Sealish?
Each of the 10,000 Sealish is unique. The collection is algorithmically generated by more than 150 traits in total. Less than 0.1% extremely rare Sealish are hidden in the collection, waiting for you to excavate!
What is Space Out Sealish’s distribution?
The Space Out Sealish collection will be sold only once. The team will preserve 100 Sealish NFTs from the whole collection for airdrop, giveaway, community benefit, and creators.
More Questions? contact us!
You can contact us on Discord with any further questions you may have. Our team will chat with you there and actively answer your questions.


Phase 2 giveaway:
We will send custom background to randomly selected Sealish holder. ETH giveaways on Space Out Station twitter and discord.
Find the Hidden Sealish Competition, more details will be announced soon!
Phase 1 airdrop:
We will airdrop 5 special Sealish to random first 25% sealish holders.
Space Out Sealish Collection will be launched on our website (date & time will be announced shortly). We are going live real soon babies!!!
Unlock SOS community fund, the fund will support future community developments andactivities. An exclusive Sealish merge line will drop, we are working with some great partners in the NFT space!
When all Sealishes find their holders, we will launch the virtual gallery on ourwebsite exclusive to Sealish holders. We are planning something bigger! Let uskeep that as a secret and surprise the community later!

50% of future royalty fee from Sealish transaction will be allocated to the SOS community fund. The fund will reward Sealish holders and support future community activities and development. Space Out Station is a team that continues to develop as well as a team that cares and values its community. Space Out Sealish will have endless opportunities in the future. Stay tuned and get ready to rock together!

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